What is Social Anxiety Phobia and Social Anxiety Phobia Disorder

You may feel exceptionally unsure of yourself or shy in social situations. You avoid any circumstance that require speaking or mingling with people. You have trouble saying what you really want to say. Probably this is not a plain bashfulness but a condition referred to as Social Anxiety Phobia. Approximately 3.7% of adults (5 million) in the U.S. display social phobia every year.

Social anxiety is a powerful sense of self which result in fear and ultimately causing an individual to feel uncomfortable when they have to deal with people. This however, does not mean that persons who experience social anxiety phobia are acheter du viagra terrified of talking to every single person in the world. As a fact, these individuals feel no discomfort when communicating with close friends or family members. The overwhelming shyness usually occur when they are to speak publicly, be part of a group discussion, speak to strangers or come in contact with new persons. This is as a result of the awkwardness they feel to do so and the fear of being embarrassed. In addition, they have the fear of being noticed, criticized by or laughed at by people. They hate being the centre of attention in any type of group setting and generally avoid situations ‘forcing’ them to mingle with others.

Like any other phobia, social anxiety phobia is in fact a fearful reaction to a situation or person that is not really threatening. Individuals with this phobia respond as if a threat actually exists. This condition will become evident in palpitations and shortness of breath. These symptoms are signs of the fight-flight reaction, which come from adrenaline rush plus the release of certain body chemicals that makes it ready for escaping the situation or fighting. This is a normal reaction of the nervous system which tells people that danger is near so they try to save themselves from the ‘threat.’ Persons with this condition have these responses very often and too strongly and anywhere and cialis 5mg anytime.

Social anxiety phobia disturbs daily activities and relations. For some, they will not optimize their educational or career opportunities as for particular professions, there is the need for exceptional people skill and they will not succeed if they are afraid of interacting with others. Also, it prevents the person from learning any new skill or sharing any knowledge with others. Among other things, social phobia will take away the individuals opportunity to enjoy others company.