Getting Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes

If you have trouble removing dark circles under the eyes then you should consider using these alternative remedies in getting rid of bags under the eyes. These remedies are very easy to use, practical to do and are also effective. There may be different reasons for developing bags under the eyes but these strategies will never cease to work.

Using the cold spoon technique

Applying cold over the area is one of the most effective ways to get rid of bags under the eyes. Keep two spoons inside the freezer. Use one spoon and place over the eye area. Sit or lie down to relax. The shape of the spoon is perfect in covering the entire area of the eye. As soon as the spoon becomes warm, replace with the other cold spoon. Do this technique daily especially during days when your eyes are extra puffy like during allergy months.

Using the tea bag technique

Place tea bags in water for a minute and then remove. Refrigerate these for a while until these become very cold. Use these when you are relaxing or if you are ready to retire for the night. Place a cold tea bag on each eye and then lie down or sit down. Tea, especially green tea, has natural therapeutic properties that can help soothe inflammation. The cold temperature will also help reduce swelling and discoloration on the area.

Ice cube your way to dark circle –free eyes

Ice cubes will also work but be sure to place these in a small face towel. Sit or lie down and place the towel with ice cubes over your face to cover the eye area completely. Do this as often as you can so you can effectively remove dark circles.

Cucumber slices will also work

This vegetable is one of the most common natural remedies for removing dark circles under the eyes. Cucumbers have high water content which can help hydrate the eye area. Simply cut cucumbers into circles and place these on each eye. Sit or lie down and replace the cucumber slice once it has dried up. You may also place cucumbers in other dry areas of the face like the cheek, forehead and on the chin area. Repeat this every day or you may prefer to relax with cucumber slices on your face for a longer period of time on a weekend.

Avoid processed foods

A person can significantly improve his health by adopting a more natural eating habit. Get rid of processed foods; choose organic and natural foods which means there are no chemicals and pesticides that were used on what you eat. You are what you eat so to be able to have clearer skin and more hydrated skin especially skin on the face, ensure that you take in only natural foods. Drink more water about 8 to 10 glasses per day to eliminate toxins and chemicals from your body. Keeping with all these natural techniques will help you reduce dark bags under the eyes for good.