7 Celebrity Secrets On Preparing For Pregnancy

How do the stars manage to maintain their glamour while pregnant? You’re about to find out. There are a lot of secrets in the celebrity world and the best-kept ones involve looks and health. Lucky for you we did some Sherlock-Holmes-style snooping and uncovered some amazing tricks for pregnant women. Read on and expect to become the most fabulous mommy-to-be on the block.

1. Losing the baby weight.

Yes, you read that right. If you want to shed the pregnancy pounds post-baby the key is to begin months before you become pregnant. Celebrities are typically on a strict fitness regiment no matter if they’re pregnant or not. Getting yourself on track fitness-wise before pregnancy is not only crucial to losing the weight post-baby, but it also has huge ramifications on your health and on the health of your baby. Courtney Cox attributes her cialis 5mg ability to maintain her fitness while pregnant and lose the pregnancy weight to Budoken, a fitness regime that includes yoga and martial arts; a mind-body workout. Catherine Zeta Jones relied on yoga while pregnant with her second child to keep calm and in shape. Julia Roberts took up yoga and Pilates classes to help shed the baby bulge. No matter what, make exercise a priority before getting pregnant if you want to have your pre-pregnancy body back post-baby.

2. Avoiding the dreaded stretch marks.

Stretch marks from pregnancy seem to be inevitable but somehow celebs seem to be less susceptible. Everyone knows its important to keep the stretchmark prone areas moisturized but the celeb secret is to attack from the inside out. The beautiful Molly Sims followed a diet rich in healthy fatty acids to decrease her chances of developing stretch marks. She shared some of her menu mainstays on her blog, which includes “Fish, olive, coconut, canola, hempseed, and flaxseed oils; hemp, flax, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds; and almond and nut butter.” Beginning a few months in advance is vital to properly preparing the skin for all the changes your body will undergo and raises your chances of maintaining smooth skin throughout pregnancy.

3. Watch Food Network.

You’re soon going to need a whole lot of additional vitamins and nutrients in your diet and the best way to get those is in homemade, well rounded meals. Get acquainted with your local grocery store and spend some quality time in the produce aisle. Take the time pre-pregnancy to try your hand in the kitchen and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s impossible to take in all your necessary nutrients from a prenatal vitamin [source: March of Dimes: Multivitamin], so be prepared to cook some healthy full meals for yourself. When Jennifer Lopez was pregnant with twins she relied on a healthy diet recommended by her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who recommends eating foods that are as natural and close to their original source as possible. JLo stayed healthy on whole grains like brown rice and protein from egg whites and lean cuts of chicken, turkey, and beef.

4. Drink and be merry, for tomorrow you shall be pregnant.

Savor those last few glasses of rosé because not a sip shall pass those lips once there’s a bun in the oven. Be prepared to give up alcohol completely the instant you become pregnant. Courtney Cox may be known for playing a drink-happy loose canon on “Cougartown” but she gave up drinking the second she learned she was expecting and so will you.

5. Eat less now, so you can eat more then.

We recommend going on a very strict healthy diet prior to pregnancy if you’re planning on being anything like the celebrities who fess up to giving in to all sorts of unhealthy cravings while pregnant. In this manner, stars really are just like us. The always svelte Gwyneth Paltrow had major cravings while pregnant with her daughter Apple which led her to discover “that there is a real lack of Mexican food in London and the pizzas are too small.” Tiny Sarah Jessica Parker admitted to craving fast food and mused that she must “the only woman to get cravings AFTER giving birth as well as during it.” Uh, no. You’re not the only one.

6. Think about cutting back.

If you’re a type A go-getter consider the possibility of doing less because that very well might happen once you’re pregnant. Become comfortable with idea of cutting back because it’s a very likely possibility. Cate Blanchet embraced letting go during pregnancy and even maintained that mentality afterwards, “I refuse to worry about all that fitness stuff,” she stated “Being a mother is exercise enough for me.” Hear, hear!

7. Ommmmmm.

Keeping a modicum of calm is absolutely essential while pregnant, so get a head start before the fact. According to authorities consistently high stress levels can result in a acheter du viagra weakened immune system for you and a low birth weight for your baby [source: Prior]. To maintain an aura of Zen while pregnant celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones who claims to have “a crazy frantic side,” turn to yoga.